Focus & The Power of the Present Moment

Saturday June 11th 2 – 4:30pm
with Laura Fuller, MA, C.Ht.

Only $25 in advance, $40 the day of

The present moment is the point of choice and power. No matter how difficult the situation, the present moment is the most powerful moment because it is the place where healing can be done. We will observe our familiar pathways of thought and energy and see what magic will come as we begin to shape focus through consciousness rather than habit. We will also explore the brain ability to focus in general and how the attention training provided by meditation practice effects other abilities as well.

Please join us! If you have been at the past workshops in this series, this will continue from the ground of experience into more formal practice. This approach allows the formal practice to be a sweet refuge and honoring of truth. There will also be time for questions for anyone considering a daily practice at home.

All levels of experience are welcome. Come connect to yourself and community. Tea & snacks will be provided.