New Mat Room small

As you probably already know, The Moving Joint has expanded and we now have a beautiful new open studio with a fully sprung dance floor.  We are very excited to slowly build our dance classes so that our clients can take the body awareness and strength that they have learned through Pilates into movement through space.

We will be adding more classes in the fall, but for now we have two great dance classes for adults as well as one for kids age 2 1/2-5.  For the month of July, all of these classes will be on special for $10 per class so that you can try them out.

Low-Impact Dance (taught by Sofia): Wednesdays at 11:30am This class will incorporate a range of movement styles from modern dance to dance fitness with minimal impact on the joints. We will start slowly on the floor to stretch and tone our muscles and eventually stand up to move our bodies through space with music. This class will be appropriate for an adult student of any age who wants to dance as a form of exercise within a body safe environment.

Pilates Dance Workout (taught by Aly M): Wednesdays at 9:30am. This class will begin with a Pilates mat warm-up before moving into exercises at the barre. The class will then transition into a fun dance sequence in the center of the room. The flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength that is cultivated in Pilates is put into standing motion in a cardiovascular, challenging and inspiring class! This class is a great way to build bone-density, strength, balance and coordination while simultaneously learning how to dance! All level welcome. No prior dance experience necessary.

Creative Movement (Ages 3-5) (taught by Aly M): Tuesdays at 4:30pm Children will be taken on a 50 minute movement journey that fosters creativity, teamwork, music appreciation, spatial awareness, classical dance vocabulary, and a love for dance.

Hope to see you all dancing soon.


The Moving Joint Staff