Alyson draws from many influences in her Pilates teaching.  Her varied and extensive background in dance, choreography and movement investigation has brought her to a belief that healing in the body, mind, and spirit is often attained through movement, strengthening,  and the opening up of blocked pathways in the body primarily through breath work.

Alyson is certified in Pilates through Body Arts and Science International (BASI). She is a graduate and scholarship recipient of California Institute of the Arts in dance and choreography where she first discovered the benefits of Pilates. Since her Pilates certification Alyson has worked alongside many physical therapists and has worked with a large number of clients ranging from fitness enthusiasts to people suffering from various injuries and medical conditions.   She has had the pleasure of witnessing the aid of Pilates  in relieving her clients’ pain, improving their posture, health and self-confidence, and awakening the energy in their bodies.

Alyson specializes in working with pre and postnatal women, people with back pain, including pain from scoliosis and other spinal irregularities.  She is always working on designing individual and creative programs to meet each client’s goals whether weight loss, pain prevention and management, strength building, or overall stress relief.