Bruno Artero

Bruno Artero has several years of teaching experience in  GYROTONIC® and Pilates, combined with years of sports coaching. Bruno is a certified GYROTONIC® instructor. He completed his GYROTONIC® teacher training at In-Spiraling Movement Arts with Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin. He has also completed training for the Jumping Stretching Board with Master Trainer Donna Place.

Bruno is certified in Pilates on All Apparatus, a training completed through Balanced Body University under Master Trainer Donna Parsons. Bruno is also a certified Booty Barre™ instructor and he holds a BA in Education from the Ecole Normale – Orleans (France).

Bruno grew up in France as an athlete involved primarily in Rugby and Judo. His interest in GYROTONIC®  and Pilates started ten years ago after he had stopped competitive sports. Around the same time he had started coaching Rugby in San Diego. Rugby coaching led him to being the Manager of the USA U18 National Team and to be a Pilates/Rugby Skills coach for UCSB. But discovering a new approach to movement and its multiple benefits for all populations, is what made him decide to become a GYROTONIC®  and Pilates teacher. He co-founded in 2004 the Marla Bingham Studio, a successful GYROTONIC® and Pilates studio based in La Jolla, Ca. where he has taught extensively before moving recently to Los Angeles.

Bruno’s clients range from the ages of 15 to 85 and include professional athletes, busy professionals, week-end warriors and seniors. By combining sound teaching principles, some motivational coaching when needed, and the exciting possibilities of the GYROTONIC® system, Bruno is looking forward to helping each client reach their fitness and wellness goals, while experiencing the joy of moving and feeling energized!