Since beginning my yoga practice as a student to Gurmukh Kaur Kahlsa (Golden Bridge) and Shiva Rea (Exhale) in 1998, I have been devoted to a life-long relationship with yoga and meditation. I began my journey through movement at age 12 in performance arts schools, studying dance and theater.  This naturally progressed into my Pilates and Yoga training, as well as youth theater for “at risk” teens.  While doing my undergraduate work in Writing and Child Development at UCLA, I received specialized training in Native African, Indian, and Morrocan Belly dance, as well as my Certification as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  I currently offer prenatal, children’s, and family yoga classes at The Moving Joint, Zooga Yoga, and co-teach trainings and workshops at The Yogi Tree.  All classes integrate my passions: Kundalini yoga (for adults and children), Pilates, Somatic therapy, Pre/postnatal education, Reiki, Pranayama, and dance.  A variety of movement, psychology-based, and holistic healing modalities inform the way I guide students toward alignment and ease.  As co-founder and instructor of Light Leaders children’s yoga training program, I share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and a compassionate methodology for teaching children’s yoga with my adult and young students.

The goddess gatherings are a “must” for many women that are looking for support, community, sacred company, for self-commitment and liberation.  I am passionate about consciousness and wellness.  I completed a Masters degree in Depth and Spiritual Psychology at Antioch University, and am working toward a license in Marriage and Family Therapy and as a Somatic/EMDR trauma therapist.  I am currently creating balance as a Yoga teacher, wife, mother, co-founder/instructor of the Light Leaders Yoga teachers training program for children’s yoga, and therapist. These are all great sources of joy and growth in my life.