Danielle Litman


A physical force since birth, Danielle Litman earned the nickname “The Hulk” after breaking a few walls (and noses) as a baby. Danielle’s parents enrolled her in dance and gymnastics at age two, looking for a more constructive outlet for her endless energy. She went on to compete with Abby Lee Dance Company (now featured on a popular reality TV show), travel the world and win many accolades and awards in both. In high school she shifted her focus to tennis, winning the Pittsburgh City Championship three years in a row and placing in the Israeli Maccabi (Olympics). She also excelled in track and field.

Danielle studied Dance at the University of Arizona and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Marketing, then continued her education in Musical Theatre at Carnegie Mellon University. Always a gamer, Danielle moved to Los Angeles to work in sports radio station while earning a degree in Graphic Design. She discovered GYROTONIC®—but worked full-time—so she practiced during her lunch hour and trained on weekends to get certified. She became a full-time GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Instructor, eventually to become certified on the GYROTONER® Leg Extension Unit and Stretching Jumping Board. She continues to develop her education by taking the GYROTONIC® LEVEL 2       Foundation and Pelivic/Lumbar Therapeutic courses. She has found her true calling healing and helping people.

“Teaching GYROTONIC® has taught me how to interact with the physical being though movement,” Danielle says. “I love the way GYROTONIC® helps people in all aspects of life.”

But she didn’t stop there. Danielle’s passion for her own total health drove her back to school to become a Certified and Licensed Esthetician. One of the top skin care professionals in Beverly Hills attracted Danielle—first as a client, then an apprentice—with their philosophy of healing the skin from the inside out.

Danielle has found the fountain of youth. She now shares her secrets in GYROTONIC® GYROKINESIS® ;and skincare to a select clientele.