Born in beautiful, lush, exotic Venezuela, from French parents, Joelle Claret has been in love with movement all her life.
Started ballet at age 4.

In Paris she studied modern dance, took Jazz classes as well as acting, which included “Expression Corporelle”
Studied Gurdjieff movements

Started Yoga at age 15.
Horse-back riding, skying on snow or water, swimming, ice skating, anything related to movement was a joy.
She practiced martial arts, Tai-Chi, qigong.

In the nineties she started taking all kinds of workshops with Osho.
That’s how she discovered and did cranio-sacral level 1, Reiki level 1.
In 1995 she trained to become a rebirther. That inspired her to become a Doula. She also did biodynamic for 2 years.
She worked at Aquamater with Dr. Beltran Lares and her wife and developed a whole program called “From Pregnancy To Ecstasy”
Because of her work with pregnancy, she got invited to a Feldenkrais 4 year training in Santa Fe with “Movement educators”.
She graduated in 2003 and started teaching classes and workshops in Los Angeles and Miami:
Improving your Yoga practice for Yoga teachers.
The Spiral
Using Movement to find Stillness.
She was able to use Feldenkrais in preparation to Birth also.
She developed a whole series with the ball.
In 2003 she also started a training in Continuum with Emilie Conrad.
In 2015 she did a training in Water Release Therapy.
In 2017 she took a introductory workshop with Giten Tonken in Boulder on Bio dynamic breath work.
Breathing is at the core of Joelle’s attention.

The way we feel affects the way we breathe and, if we become aware of our breath, we can change the way we feel and the way we perceive ourselves, our environment and the way we respond to life.

“Movement is Life. Life is a process. If you improve the quality of movement, you improve the quality of Life itself.”
Moshe Feldenkrais.