The Moving Joint Dance Classes

BodyBPM™ is the full body workout that inspires and empowers through beats, dance and Pilates. Alyson Mattoon, professional dancer, Pilates and GYROTONIC® trainer created this class with the mission of bringing an artful, upbeat approach to the way we exercise and view our bodies.  Featuring eclectic mixes curated by professional DJs, the body is guided through fresh, yet familiar, follow-along dynamic dance and Pilates sequences.  Sync your heart’s BPM to the music’s while building strength, muscle-tone, coordination, and body appreciation.  It’s an all-in-one class.  You’ll leave feeling energized and connected to the world around us. Bring a towel, tennis shoes and a yoga mat.

Alyson Mattoon – Wednesday 9:30am, Friday 10:30am

Mixed Levels Contemporary Modern Dance: This class will incorporate a range of movement styles from modern and contemporary dance forms. We start slowly on the floor using a combination of Pilates and release technique to stretch and tone our muscles. Standing portions of the class include dance conditioning, ballet/modern principles, improvisation and engaging dance choreography. The music is wide ranging and inspiring. This class is fun for the experienced dancer but also the Beginner adult/teen student who wants to learn modern contemporary dance, a style of dance not commonly taught outside of the Universities in Los Angeles. It is suggested (especially for beginners) to bring flexible knee pads, a long sleeve shirt and wear pants below the knees, as this will make the floor work much more comfortable. Sofia is known to be a kind and sensitive teacher who loves to facilitate connections between her local community and the artistic world of dance. COME LEARN, PLAY AND EXPLORE MOVEMENT IN A WARM AND SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT.

For more information about Sofia as a dance artist and teacher visit her website

Sofia Klass – Thursday 6:30pm

Guided Improv: Times are stressful! Come loosen up & open up, physically and mentally, maybe even emotionally. • Stories lie hidden and held tight in our bodies, come UNEARTH them! • Weave between moving on your own and as a group; slow and fast • Move through a meditative flow of movement and explosive flow of movement. Explore weight shifts, level changes, gesture building, contact improv, room architecture exploration, emotional and character investigating, breath work, community conversation physical and vocal. Creating a performance with each other and for each other within one class.

Lizzy Mulkey  – Monday 5:30pm