Restorative: The first half of class begins with a gentle flow to build heat, open the body, create stability and an understanding of alignment, and the second half is devoted to a yin practice with an emphasis on stretching and longer held restorative poses, leaving the practitioner feeling balanced and present in their bodies.

Prenatal  Yoga: In this class all aspects of pregnancy are covered including yoga postures specifically tailored for strength, balance, and renewal for a rapidly changing body. Yogic breathing techniques are included in preparation for labor and delivery. Guided meditations and inspiring reflections on ancient ways of birthing and mothering are used for increased awareness.

Vinyasa all levels: A dynamic class with room for play and freedom of movement, students learn to find their own flow while practicing correct alignment, and deepening their connection to their bodies.  This class helps students to observe the beneficial physical and mental effects of their practice, and meet the day with a positive outlook and healthy body.