Gentle Yoga & Meditation Level 1-2: This class is a blend of relaxation & effort for your over all health. A great place for beginners, anyone who needs to take it slow, or anyone who wants to bring it back to simplicity. It is also a good place for extra care if you are recovering from an injury. Foundations will be presented for physical poses, concentration, meditation and breath work. Variations will be given for challenge and ease.

All Levels Hatha Flow Yoga: Friday 6:30pm all levels yoga (aka Freaky Friday) is the perfect way to end your week. Play, laugh, cry, connect, or rest deep inside yourself, this class is both light-hearted and deep. We will start with movement, poses, and flow where people of all levels of experience are encouraged to work in a way that feels good to them. Variations are given for challenge and ease. We will finish with restorative poses and deep rest and meditation. Come as you are, get what you need, and finish the week in gratitude and release. 

A sweet and welcoming group of people come together on Friday nights. We would love to have you there. Please join us!

Intermediate Hatha Flow: Flow yoga plus meditation in a style that acknowledges the reality of healing for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This class is designed to let you come as you are, enter the present moment, and explore what is possible. Breath work, flow yoga, more challenging poses, and meditation will be presented with details and philosophy to help you find your personal place in the practice. Come play, go deep, and be ready for a sweet sweat.

Gentle Yoga & Pranyama: In Sanskrit, “Prana” is defined as breath, respiration, life, energy and strength, and “Ayama” is defined as stretched, expansion, regulation, prolongation and control.   Why Pranayama? *Reduces stress & strengthens the immune system. *Increases lung capacity & removes toxins from the body. *Calms the mind, improves focus and concentration.

Prenatal  Yoga: In this class all aspects of pregnancy are covered including yoga postures specifically tailored for strength, balance, and renewal for a rapidly changing body. Yogic breathing techniques are included in preparation for labor and delivery. Guided meditations and inspiring reflections on ancient ways of birthing and mothering are used for increased awareness.

Baby and Me Yoga:  (6 weeks – pre-walking)  Dads & Caregivers welcome! Each session will include gentle and playful yoga & movement sequences for restoring and strengthening the post baby body – focusing on the core, hips, pelvic floor, and breathing.  We will also explore different class themes, practice infant massage, and creative story time “meditations” to engage and inspire!