In meditation, you do the largest work of your life, but in the most subtle and gentle ways. In this series, we will focus on the tiny shifts in focus, energy, and heart that will clear the mirror of the mind so that life can be seen more clearly and lived more fully. Practices will be given that can be applied in seated meditation and also carried through in daily life and interactions. In each meeting, we will practice seated meditation and also laying down deep-dive theta style meditation to take the changes deep into the subconscious mind. There will also be time for sharing and connection to community. We will form a group that is supportive that will help you finish the year in connection and love. Tea and snacks will also be served. Please invite your friends, enroll early and come be a part of this beautiful group. Beginners are Welcome!


The Subtle Work of Meditation
5 Saturdays 4 to 6:30pm  2:30 – 5pm (Time Change) •  November 15 – December 13th 
$150 for the series, or $40 for one day


To reserve your spot, call us at 424-228-5348 or create/log in to your account and click on the “Workshop” tab.