The Moving Joint is a movement studio that provides the communities of Mar Vista, Venice, Marina Del Rey and surrounding areas with high quality and intelligent Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Yoga, as well as an onsite physical therapist. We aim to create a warm and inviting environment where you can feel supported to connect, heal and thrive in your body. We offer private, semi-private and Pilates reformer classes as well as a variety of Yoga, dance and pre and postnatal options. In all of these classes you can easily engage and interact with the instructors because of the smaller class sizes

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Today’s the day to start a practice. Begin changing your body through a series of classical pilates exercises, intended to bring about consciousness, mobility, posture and strength. In every class at The Moving Joint we work this practice to bring balance to your physical structure as well as your mind. Class size is capped at five people to ensure proper technique and execution. The teachers will know your name. You will be nurtured. Come experience the feeling of a private session in a small group setting. 

We also offer private sessions and bodywork for those needing more care. Together, with your practitioner, you will be on the road to improved health and wellness. The studio is located in the Mar Vista neighborhood on Venice Blvd. just West of Centinela.