Dear Moving Joint community,
Since purchasing the studio I have had the opportunity to introduce myself and possibly get to know you a bit. I have been working in the proximity of the front desk for the last few weeks, looking for an opportunity to meet all of you.
The most persuasive quality that drew Meghan and me to purchase The Moving Joint is the idea of a family run business which has a strong sense of community. The sense of community is prevalent at The Moving Joint. It has been fostered by all of the participants – instructors, front-desk staff and clients. It is very similar to the vibe Meghan has been able to cultivate at our other studio, Mind & Motion.


I am fully committed to preserving and growing the existing community in a way that will allow The Moving Joint to renovate the facilities and bolster its reputation for offering our clients an individual based, learned movement practice.
I plan on using the monthly newsletter to share more about myself and as a forum to bring all of our clients up to date with The Moving Joint upcoming projects and behind the scene happenings. At the moment I am working closely with the front desk staff and instructors on simplifying and codifying many of the established administrative and financial inefficiencies they deal with on daily basis.


We want to streamline all of the front desk tasks so that Andrea and Julio have more time to devote to assisting all of you, as well as marketing and growing our community.
More soon….in the meantime, come in and get your “MoJo” on!


Carlos Ulloa

-The Moving Joint