Meet Our Friendly Staff

Meghan Pickrell

Owner / Director

A dancer since the age of 7, Meghan has worked as a Movement Specialist since 2002. After studying with the Utah Ballet, she earned her B.A. in dance from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Her education continued with Carole Amend and others at Bodies Mind® in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was there she learned the full pilates repertoire, Wetzig Coordination Patterns™, movement phenomenology, and more, thereby earning the title of Movement Specialist. She returned to academia in 2009, earning her Master’s of Science in Kinesiology from Cal State – Northridge as well as her Level 1 training for the Trager® approach. She opened Mind & Motion in 2011, solidifying her commitment to helping others through a holistic approach to the practice of movement.

Carlos Ulloa


Carlos’ experience is founded in the fine arts. He has a BFA and MFA. Starting in 1985 in Miami, he was involved in construction. From 1996-2006 he spent 10 years in Cologne, Germany maintaining and renovating old structures. Before returning to America he was the project manager at the Studio Saibou. During his five year tenure at the fashion photo studio & advertising agency he was responsible for conceiving and managing the extensive interior/exterior restoration and improvement of the 15000sq.ft. property, which included the photo studio, office and adjacent mixed use 10 unit complex. Carlos returned to the US to eventually become project manager for two Hollywood landmarks – Yamashiro Restaurant and Magic Castle. He became COO of Yamashiro restaurant in 2014 where he managed all facets of the business. He was also involved in negotiating the sale of the Restaurant and 7 acre property in 2016. In 2018 Carlos began working with his wife, Meghan, in renovating and running Mind & Motion, a boutique pilates and wellness studio in Los Angeles. Together they purchased The Moving Joint in 2019.

Julio Montero

Marketing & Technical Director

Julio is a musician and freelance web designer who has found himself amongst some of the best Pilates & Bodywork instructors in Los Angeles.  As a musician Julio leads the Latin Folk group Cuñao as well as collaborate with various choreographers, dancer and multidisciplinary artists to create original works of music.

As a web designer Julio has worked on many local business and artist online website and marketing projects including The Moving Joint’s current website & Leitner Physical Therapy.

Julio is happy to join The Moving Joint team and considers this place the friendliest Pilates studio in the West Coast.