Gratitude Workshop

Saturday November 19th, 3:00 to 6:00pm

$25 in advance, $40 the day of
Please join us for an afternoon of yoga, community, and meditations on gratitude. Yoga points us towards wholeness. We will start where we are and gather our pieces. Yogic gratitude is not just for the good stuff. It acknowledged the light, the shadow, and the interconnection of everything. It is the gratitude for the ability to be here, to do our best, to feel it all, and for the opportunity of each new breath. The time of the holidays brings many experiences and memories – you may come with a sense of goodness and wanting to let it all in, or you may come with an awareness of grief and loss. In either case, this workshop will encourage you to open your heart to it all and land in the richness of the experience of being alive.

This workshop will include talking, yoga accessible for all levels, seated and lying meditations, and we will finish we tea, food, and time in community. Please bring a dish or snack to share. Please invite your friends. I would love to have you there. If you have any questions, please contact Laura at