This is a multi-level class that focuses on breath, body mechanics and core strength. The instructor will alternate using foam rollers, magic circles, bands and small balls as props in order to help facilitate resistance. It is a full-body work out (don’t worry you will not be doing one hour of crunches!) with the emphasis on core stability as a way to stay safe and injury free. We also incorporate about 10-15 minutes of yoga postures to open the body up. There will be modifications for the more challenging exercises so that beginners are not overwhelmed, but more experienced students are always challenged.

**Pilates mat classes are ALL ONLINE ONLY. Some exercises are performed on mats and with small props, but class can still be done without props. **

Join us online through Zoom! This class is a livestream and accessible through any mobile, iPad or computer. 


Mat Pilates & Yoga

Online Mat Pilates Bronze Donation – $10

Mat Pilates & Yoga

Online Mat Pilates Silver Donation – $15

Mat Pilates & Yoga

Online Mat Pilates Gold Donation – $20

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