The Moving Joint reformer classes are small intimate classes with 6 students per instructor, using reformers and springboard equipment from Balanced Body. We keep the classes small so that the work on the equipment is efficient, safe and effective. If you are new to Pilates, we strongly suggest doing at least 2 private sessions before attending a reformer class. The private sessions with a highly skilled instructor will introduce you to the foundation of classical Pilates. If you are unable to do the private session, a level 1 class is required before signing up for any upper level classes. The group classes will be much more effective if you have a basic knowledge of proper mechanics.

Pilates Reformer Level 1 Classes

This class is for anyone who is new to Pilates. It is a good run down on how to safely use the equipment and specificity in how to identify the deeper and smaller muscles we use in Pilates. The class will move through a full Pilates repertoire. The pace will be measured and methodical, offering a lot of cues to help you understand the movements. Experienced students are always welcome to refine their practice or to get reacquainted after a time away.

Requirements: Students must know how to change their own springs and make instructed adjustments to the reformer such as putting head rest down and up. We highly recommend that you take at least the 2 private intro to become comfortable with the basics.

Pilates Reformer Level 2

In Level 2 we will work at an intermediate level. This 55 minute class is more of an invigorating workout. You will be challenged to get to a new level in your Pilates practice, but not beyond your means. Modifications will still be given. The instructor will continue to focus on basic principles and alignment and then advance to more complex moves on the Pilates Reformer, challenging your muscles, and going deeper into exercises. The emphasis will be on stability, connecting to the body’s core, coordinating movements with breath, stretching and strengthening. This full body workout works from the deeper smaller muscle groups into building a stronger foundation in the body.

Requirements: Students must have taken at least 10 level 1 classes before entering a level 2 class. If a student has limitations due to injuries or medical conditions, clearance from an instructor is necessary. Students must also know the basic Pilates repertoire.

Pilates Reformer Level 3

This 55 minute class is reserved for students who have mastered the details of The Pilates Method and who need less detailed instruction. If modifications are needed, the student must know how to modify on their own. Because we move at a faster pace and offer much more intricate and difficult movement sequences, there is less time to explain the details of the work. This class will definitely take you to the next level and will leave you feeling like you can take on anything!!

Requirements: Please ask one of the instructors in a lower level class if you are ready for a level 3 class for your own safety.

Pilates Jumpboard

Jumpboard is an energizing and progressive reformer workout that is packed with aerobic moves that build overall strength and burn calories. This is a total body cardio and core program that features innovative yet simple combinations that add variety and intensity to a reformer workout. We will use the Jumpboard as well as the entire reformer and Spring Board to achieve a versatile and fun, full, mind and body workout.

Requirements: Please ask one of the instructors in a lower level class if you are ready for a level 2-3 class for your own safety.



Private Intro Special

2 private one on one Sessions for $129

Reformer Class Intro Special

*3 Reformer classes for $60

*(Prior class experience Required)


Reformer & Mixed Apparatus

1 x Week Membership – $124

Reformer & Mixed Apparatus

2 x Week Membership – $224

Reformer & Mixed Apparatus

3 x Week Membership – $300


Reformer & Mixed Apparatus

Single class rate – $35

Reformer & Mixed Apparatus

5 class series rate – $165

Reformer & Mixed Apparatus

10 class series rate – $310

(Prior class experience Required)

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