Alyx Parkin discovered her joy for mindful movement through her training as a multimedia visual artist and now Pilates practice. Alyx studied in New York City at Parsons School of Design, exploring the relationship of the body in public and private spaces through improvised performance and hand-made costume and environments, often evoking the temporal and timeless qualities of change. After relocating to her native Los Angeles, Alyx found the Pilates method and began investigating the technique as a way to deepen her relationship with the body and its surrounding urban landscape. Alyx completed her full Pilates apparatus training through the Moving Joint in 2018 and is dedicated to helping people create space in their bodies and surroundings. She also encourages curiosity and conversations with the body as tools for teaching and learning. She sees all bodies as beautiful and unique and lives in the style that thoughtful movement is a birthright and a powerful shift toward empowering community.