Carli Taylor completed both her Mat Pilates certification in Amsterdam and her Comprehensive certification with Polestar Pilates after relocating to Los Angeles in 2016. Never not learning, she considers herself a forever student of movement, mind, and body. She was lucky enough to discover Pilates after rehabing a knee injury from sports early on with a physical therapist who put her on a Reformer. She thinks of Pilates as both strengthening and soothing; depending on what the individual needs right then and there. You can learn so much about your body once you are paying attention. Outside of Pilates she has a daily swim, yoga, and meditation practice and continues to learn with the Katonah Yoga community. She has a gentle yet strong approach to working both the body and mind.

Carli has B.Sc degree in Textile Technology and Sustainability. She has a deep interest in food and design and believes that translates when working with the individual body.