As the youngest son of an Iowa funeral home director, I realized there is more to life than the body and mind. Living above the funeral home gave me unique insights into energy and the recognition that our essence will always live on. This environment also allowed me to learn the power of empathy and compassion by witnessing my father provide this for those around him.

From a very early age I have had the ability to tell someone the absolute truth with kindness and love. My Grandmother always told me that this was a gift to be nurtured and that once I learned to fully trust myself I would be able to share it with others.

My true calling unfolded as I began working with the body, learning to understand its messages and later to recognize it as an entry point to consciousness. I received certifications in Massage, Pilates, Craniosacral Therapy and other healing modalities to assist my clients to find health, peace and ease. My approach to integrated body therapy, incorporating movement, dance, and yoga, proved very successful for my clients.

In 2002 I met a living master of yoga who introduced me to Yoga Nidra. Yogi Amrit Desai and his daughter, Yogeshwari Kamini Desai, took me on a Yoga Nidra experience to an effortless state of being that would forever change my life and my work. I came to realize my business and life had been dictated by the needs of others, so I decided to take a break. I committed myself to stillness, became more grounded, and in the process learned how to guide others to their natural state of being.

Today I am dedicated to helping others realize their true nature by accessing their inner stillness. I found that no matter how or where dis-ease manifests, our inability to recognize our own true nature remains the core issue. When we are able to remember our true nature the real healing can begin.