Informed by her background as a dancer, dance instructor, and stretch therapist, Khayla is passionate about helping people get moving in healthy and affective ways for their bodies through the Pilates method.¬†Originally from El Paso, Texas, Khayla earned her BA in Dance and English from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and her MA in Arts & Cultural Management from King’s College London. Introduced to Pilates in college, she found it positively affected her movement both in and outside the studio, improving long-held postural and mechanical habits that could have eventually led to injury. In 2018, she earned her 450-hr Pilates certification through The Moving Joint’s inaugural teacher training program, under the direction of Alyson Boell-Marchand. Khayla also works as a freelance dancer for various projects in LA and as a stretch therapist at boutique studio StretchLab.