Mary has always been fascinated by the body in motion.  Initially, she was drawn to athletic pursuits such as swimming, running and competitive indoor volleyball, but suffered from a lot of injuries due to her hyper-mobility and faulty movement patterns.  Following knee surgery, she wanted to learn more about functional anatomy and ways to build strength, and regain balance and stability safely.  In 2006 she was certified as a personal trainer through NCSF (the National Council on Strength and Fitness), but she still felt like something was missing.  In college, Mary fell in love with dance (ballet and world dance).  She loved incorporating art into motion and began to appreciate on a deeper level how interconnected everything is in the body.  In 2010, she sought to deepen her somatic awareness and skill set and became certified in contemporary Pilates through Long Beach Dance conditioning under master teacher trainer Marie José Blom.   Her most recent training was a Classical Pilates certification through Whole Body Method.  She has had the privilege of training a wide variety of clients, including people with chronic and acute injuries, scoliosis, athletes, dancers and even models.   Mary is passionate about helping people learn to heal themselves through Pilates by discovering the power of the mind body connection and discovering their personal power and passion for movement and life.  She has a lot of empathy, a sense of humor, and teaches with her heart and intuition.