Susan is a licensed Gyrotonic Level One instructor whose love for the method stems from her background in dance. After suffering a knee injury and two surgeries that ended her ability to keep dancing, she found that Gyrotonic allows her to move with freedom and spirit, build strength and flexibility, and decrease hypermobility.

Susan aims to help her clients find health and joy in the movement of Gyrotonic while meeting their individual goals, whether those are to simply start moving, find peace through movement, ease the pain of injuries, or to find pathways to flexibility, functional movement, and strength. Susan is passionate about sharing her love of Gyrotonic, and about bringing out the best in each person. She teaches with warmth, compassion, and a sense of humor, and loves to see her clients leave their sessions feeling energized, stretched, and smiling!

When Susan isn’t teaching Gyrotonic you may see her in Pilates classes. Don’t be shy, say hello! Also, her glasses are for real—when she’s not teaching Gyrotonic or in a Pilates class, she’s a librarian in Santa Monica.