Come get grounded! Mat classes are a gem for sustaining back health and muscle tone. We mix in just the right amount of cardio vascular stimulation to get your heart pumping and bolster your immune system. You will feel grounded and energized after class.

**The Pilates mat classes do not use the Pilates equipment.  They are larger classes ( 12 students maximum) where the exercises are performed on mats and with small props. **

Pilates Mat with Props – Mixed Levels:

This is a multi-level class that focuses on breath, body mechanics and core strength. We will alternate using foam rollers, magic circles, bands and small balls as props to help facilitate resistance and for stability work. It is a full-body work out (don’t worry you will not be doing one hour of crunches!) with the emphasis on core stability as a way to stay safe and injury free. We also incorporate about 10-15 minutes of yoga postures to open the body up. There will be modifications for the more challenging exercises so that beginners are not overwhelmed, but more experienced students are always challenged.

Pilates Mat with Props – Level 1-2:

This class is a great mat class if you want to go at a slower pace.  It focuses on how to use the breath to facilitate a deeper connection to your core.  We will stretch and align while strengthening the muscle fibers that might have been asleep for a while….


**The Moving Joint reformer classes are small intimate classes with 6 students per instructor on state of the art equipment.  We keep the classes small so that the work on the equipment is safe and effective.   We strongly suggest doing at least 2 private sessions if you are new to Pilates before attending a reformer class so that you can learn the foundation with a highly skilled instructor.  If you are unable to do the private session, a level 1 class is required before signing up for any upper level classes.  The classes will be much more effective if you learn the proper mechanics first.**

Pilates Reformer Level 1

This class is for anyone who is new to working out on the reformer and wants a good run down on how to safely use the equipment and specificity in how to find the deeper and smaller muscles we use in Pilates.  The class will move through a full Pilates repertoire but the pace will be slow and methodical and will offer a lot of cues to help you understand the work.  Experienced students are always welcome to refine their practice or just get a tune up after a time away.

Requirements: Students must know how to change their own springs and maneuver the reformer such as putting head rest down and up. We highly recommend that you take at least the 2 private intro and/ or Intro to Reformer class first until you feel comfortable with the basics.

Pilates Reformer Level 2

In Level 2 we will work at an intermediate level. You will  begin to advance moves that you are familiar with from Level 1-2. We will continue to focus on basic principles and alignment and then advance to more complex moves on the Pilates Reformer. You will challenge your muscles, and go deeper into exercises.

Requirements: Students must have taken at least 10 level 1 or level 1-2 classes before entering a level 2 class. If student has limitations due to injuries or medical conditions, clearance from an instructor is necessary. Students must also know the basic repertoire of The Pilates Method.

Pilates Reformer Level 3

This 55 minute class is reserved for students who have mastered the details of The Pilates Method and who need less detailed instruction. If modifications are needed, the student must know how to modify on their own. Because we move at a faster pace and offer much more intricate and difficult movement sequences, there is less time to explain the details of the work. This class will definitely take you to the next level and will leave you feeling like you can take on anything!!

Requirements: Please ask one of the instructors in a lower level class if you are ready for a level 3 class for your own safety.

Pilates Reformer Level 1-2

This is a moderate level class on the Pilates equipment.  The emphasis is on connecting to the core, coordinating movements and breath, and stretching. We will work on proper alignment and help you to build a foundation of stability to work from.

Requirements: Students must have taken the 2 private Intro Special or at least 5 level one or Intro to Reformer class before taking a level 1-2 class. If student has limitations due to injuries or medical conditions, clearance from an instructor is necessary. Students must also know the basic repertoire of The Pilates Method.

Pilates Reformer Level 2-3

This 55 minute class is more of an invigorating workout.  You will be challenged to get to a new level in your Pilates practice, but not beyond your means. Modifications will still be given.  The class is a full body workout with an emphasis on working from the deeper smaller muscle groups and building a strong foundation in the body.

Requirements: We recommend that you have been doing Pilates regularly for at least a year before adding a Level 2-3 or 3 class to your workout schedule. Clearance from an instructor in a level 1-2 or level 2 class is required.

Pilates Jumpboard

Jumpboard is an energizing and progressive reformer workout that is packed with aerobic moves that build overall strength and burn calories. This is a total body cardio and core program that features innovative yet simple combinations that add variety and intensity to a reformer workout. We will use the Jumpboard as well as the entire reformer and Spring Board to achieve a versatile and fun full mind body workout.

Requirements: Please ask one of the instructors in a lower level class if you are ready for a level 2-3 class for your own safety.


Yoga classes at The Moving Joint include Yoga Nidra, Pre-Natal Yoga, as well as specialty workshops. Privates may be arranged as well. We offer Yoga as an excellent complement to your Pilates movement practice. Yoga keeps us fluid and flexible. Pilates gives our bodies the support and stability to sustain the Yoga asanas (poses) safely. Yoga is an ancient and integrative movement practice.  Through the exploration of exhaling and inhaling, forward bending and backward bending, movement and stillness, and sound and silence, Yoga leads us towards the art of serenity and wellness within.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a transformative guided meditation practice for deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra literally means “yogic sleep” It facilitates the release of negative emotions and thought patterns, calms the nervous system, and develops an inner sanctuary of well-being and equanimity that serves as a base from which you are more able to calmly respond to the circumstances you encounter in your life. Yoga Nidra requires neither years of practice nor intellectual understanding. Available and accessible to everyone. Please bring anything extra you need to be supremely comfortable lying on the floor for 45 minutes.

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Soundbath

Known as the yoga of awareness Kundalini yoga opens you to a deeper, connected experience of your self. Each 75 minute class is a combination of postures, breathing techniques and meditation followed by a Soundbath experience with gong and crystal bowls.
All levels encouraged.



Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise that has gotten a lot of hype over the last 10 years. It is an innovative system of mind-body exercise evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates, based on the power of connecting the mind, the body, and the breath in a series of focused and precise movements. If done correctly, it can dramatically transforms how your body looks, feels and performs.

If you are new to pilates or need a bit more individual attention, privates are the way to go. You will have the opportunity to learn the other pieces of pilates apparatus: the Cadillac, wunda chair, spine corrector and ped-a-pul. All of these will better inform your work on the reformer and mat.



The Gyrotonic Expansion System® allows clients to stretch and strengthen muscles, while simultaneously stimulating and strengthening connective tissues in and around the joints of the body. These exercises are synchronized with corresponding breathing patterns, thus enhancing aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation and promoting neuro-muscular rejuvenation.

Exercises are performed on the Professional Pulley Tower, and the system is fully adjustable and can meet the neThe Moving Joint offers Gyrotonic® one on one private sessions only. No classes are being offered at this time.



The Moving Joint is very honored to have a talented physical therapist, Pam Leitner, onsite. Clients are treated by her if there is ongoing pain or structural problems that need further medical attention.  Pam  blends the Pilates system of exercise with orthopedic manual therapy and traditional physical therapy techniques to rehabilitate patients with various physical and structural problems.  Her expertise is demonstrated by the focused attention she dedicates to each patient, which results in her patients consistently reaching and surpassing their goals.

Injury prevention is critical to successful exercise, fitness, sports and daily routines. If you have a reoccurring pain, muscle strain or recent injury, Dr. Leitner will give you a thorough evaluation and develop an individualized treatment plan incorporating the latest evidence-based techniques with state of the art equipment, specifically designed to get fast results!  With over 25 years of experience as an orthopedic manual therapist physical therapist, and 10 years as a certified Pilates Instructor, Dr. Leitner’s specialized hands on approach educates patients while helping them improve strength, flexibility and maximal performance whether it be sport related or just everyday living.

Pam Leitner PT, DPT, OCS


We offer workshops throughout the year, from special meditation, sound baths, to Feldenkrais Method and other somatic practices. Please check our workshop schedule for special events.

Buff Bones®

Buff Bones®

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Movement For Longevity

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Private Intro Special

2 private one on one Sessions for $129

Reformer Class Intro Special

3 Reformer classes for $60 (Prior class experience Required)


Private Sessions

Single private rate – $100

Private Sessions

5 private series rate – $475

Private Sessions

10 private series rate – $900


Reformer & Mixed Apparatus

Single class rate – $35

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10 class series rate – $310


Mat Pilates & Yoga

Single class rate – $19

Mat Pilates & Yoga

5 class series rate – $85

Mat Pilates & Yoga

10 class series rate – $150