Pre-Post Natal Class Info

Prenatal Pilates Reformer: Pilates is not always the best exercise for prenatal women.  While we are working on creating room for the baby in the belly, doing exercises that constrict that area is often times counterproductive.  In this class, we focus the attention on finding stability in the pelvis region as well as finding comfort in the areas that get tight during pregnancy.  The small group class is done with special props to make the workout more safe and efficient for pregnant women.  We use a comfortable contour foam cushion on the reformer for cardiac and back safety.  These sessions include opening of tight areas such as hip flexors, inner thighs and pecs, gentle to moderate total body strengthening, and pelvic floor training to help with labor and back support.

Postnatal Reformer: This class will help you find balance again in your body after giving birth. We will work in ‘refinding’ your core, pelvic floor and base stability as well as realigning the pelvis and checking for any rectus split ect. This class is safe for all postnatal women as soon as you have been given doctors clearance to begin exercise again.

Prenatal Yoga: In this class all aspects of pregnancy are covered including yoga postures specifically tailored for strength, balance, and renewal for a rapidly changing body. Yogic breathing techniques are included in preparation for labor and delivery. Guided meditations and inspiring reflections on ancient ways of birthing and mothering are used for increased awareness.