– Always take your shoes before entering the studio.

– Please refrain from wearing perfumes or lotions.

– Kindly turn your cell phones off and step outside to make your calls.

РWe have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. In respect to our fabulous instructors please give us as much notice as possible when canceling a session/class so that we can rebook their schedules.

– Make sure you inform your instructor of any changes in your health or any injuries the instructor should know about.

РWe strongly advise taking 2 private session before attending any of the small group reformer classes or mat class so that we can asses your body and suggest the best level of class for you. Please feel free to communicate your needs.


– ALL services are good for 6 months from date of purchase with the exception of Prenatal classes. Prenatal class extensions will be given on case by case basis.

– No extensions will be given for packages that have expired for longer than 1 year. If you have unused expired classes or privates and want to reinstate, we will allow a rollover WITH the purchase of a package of classes of same or higher value.



– All cancellations must be completed by or before 24 hours of each class/session.

– Any cancellation completed within the early period will be considered an “early” cancel and the class/session will be credited back to your package/account.

– Any cancellation completed after the 24 hour period will be considered a “late” cancellation and client will forfeit one class or be charged the price of one class/session.

– All cancellations must be received in writing or in person with Moving Joint front desk staff. -You will be notified via email for all cancellations, unless you have specifically declined to receive notifications.


-Client will automatically be added to the class roster and confirmed in case of a cancellation. You will be counted into class roster as soon as you are added to the class.

-Client will receive an automatic notification email from Mind Body Online, our scheduling system. It is the clients responsibility to monitor emails and make sure they are receiving email notifications. Please let Front desk know if you are having problems with notifications.

-Client is responsible to cancel their reservations once added to a class roster. Our standard 24 hour cancellation policy applies. You have until 24 hours prior to class start time to cancel your spot.

-Client will be notified if a class spot opens up within the 24 hour period. We will offer class spot to the next person on waitlist, but you will NOT be added to the class roster until client confirms that they can take the spot. Clients will NOT be charged for unconfirmed offers. However, Please note that Front Desk will offer the spot to the next person on waitlist if they don’t get a response after 8 hours. You may confirm spot via email or calling front desk.

-Any no shows or cancellations within the 24-hour period as a result of being added to the class from waitlist WILL be considered a late cancel.