Our spacious Main Studio is fully equipped and ready to use. Adjacent there is also a partially open-air space, perfect for Yoga/Pilates mat Workshops or specialty classes. It is available for rental by certified experienced instructors. “The Moving Joint” has recently come under new ownership and has been renovated. Parking is great. It’s optimal for private / semi-private rentals.

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The main studio is a communal space for private and semi-private instruction. Equipment includes several Balanced Body reformers, Cadillacs, wunda chairs, a ladder barrel, spine corrector and Gyrotonic® tower. This space is dedicated to learning and healing. Using the myriad Pilates apparatus, one-on-one sessions are dedicated to the specific patterns and needs of your unique body. The main studio has a quiet and inviting atmosphere that allows for very focused and deep work with your practitioner.

$25/hr for private;  $35/hr semi-private


The newly renovated reformer room holds space for up to 6 people in class. It features 6 Balanced Body reformers, 6 wall mounted springboards and a spacious atmosphere that will let you flow through your classes. The room set up allows for Mixed apparatus classes, combining reformer, springboard and mat pilates within one class.

$25 for first person, $10 each additional person up to six students


Our open studio is perfect room for small workshops, mat pilates, dance, and yoga classes. It is an open space has approximately 390sqft. of usable space with wood flooring and an automated garage door, which can be opened for more usable open space. Our open studio can hold up to 12 people on yoga mats and the semi-outdoors make this little room feel more spacious.