The Moving Joint Teacher Training program:

Joseph Pilates created the Pilates equipment and exercises with so much precision and ingenuity that a thoughtful and well-trained teacher can make a huge difference in their clients’ lives.   As teachers, we help people access their movement potential, help them find proper alignment, ease of movement, loss of pain, and a neutralized nervous system. The choice to become a Pilates teacher can be immensely rewarding and fulfilling. There are many Pilates training programs out there with many different philosophies and it is important to choose the one that fits your personality and is in line with your movement and health philosophy

The Moving Joint Teacher Training Program will guide and encourage you to become an innovative, intuitive and fully equipped teacher. We approach the body holistically, teaching physical anatomy in detail, as well as incorporating the somatic and autonomic nervous systems, and the mind-body connection. Our goal is to find a healthy balance between the fitness and rehabilitative aspects of Pilates and for you to learn the “skills” necessary for a balanced body. A major emphasis is also placed on instructor health and self-care. Our in-depth program is in line with all of the current Pilates Method Alliance standards. We aim to provide a nurturing environment and open our doors to you so that you may delve into this amazing form of bodywork.

PROGRAMS OVERVIEW –  upcoming 2019 dates to be announced

Pilates Mat Training – 7 weekends long (upcoming scheduled dates)

The Pilates Mat Training is a portion of the 450 hours. It covers Pilates principles, breathing techniques, all essential Pilates Mat exercises with creative cueing, 5 hours of anatomy as well as an overview of prop use. This course will be transferrable if the comprehensive course is taken at a later date.

Comprehensive 450 hour training – 18 weekends long (upcoming scheduled dates)

Limit – 10 participants per course

Comprehensive course outline:

  • 20 +hours of anatomy and kinesiology training
  • Respiration in movement
  • Full Pilates mat repertoire and intro props
  • Full Pilates Equipment repertoire including reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and Clara Barrel
  • Program and class design: How to work with flow and rhythm.
  • Special Populations: common injuries and modifications and contraindications as well as pre and postnatal protocol.
  • Pilates business practices
  • Self-care

*During the course, trainees will have full use of the studio for personal practice, observation and will have a discounted rate of $15 per practice teaching rent hours (studio schedule permitting).** 

**Limited amount of Scholarships are available to professional and Semi-professional Dancers and Dance majors.