The Altar of Your Life – Sunday Meditation Series

We will form a practice group of anyone who wants to join and and move consciously through the end of the year and into the new one. “Altar of your life” is the idea of seeing our lives and current situations as sacred and using meditation to engage with what we are seeking to learn. We will build an altar each week – a process that can be playful and deep – and build the metaphorical altar inside ourselves. We will work from questions and interest of the group. Each day will include a 20 to 30 minute meditation so that participants can develop stillness and feel the sweetness that comes from inner refuge. Other practices may be drawn in as well, including pranayana (breath) purification, mantras (Sanskrit or English), prayer, etc – depending on the desires of the group. This is also a great situation for anyone wanting to develop a personal practice.

DEC 6 2015 – JAN 10

SIngle Session $15
ALL 6 Sessions: $72