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We are offering the following classes at a discounted rate for the month of July.

Reformer: ($20 per class) 
Mat:  ($10 per class) 

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Wednesday 4:30pm
Reformer level 2 with Nicole

Thursday 7am
Reformer level 2-3 with Gaida

Wednesday 9:30am
Pilates Dance Workout with Alyson Mattoon

Wednesday 11:30am
Low Impact Dance with Sofia


I have always wanted to try the Pilates Reformer but just never got around to it until now. I never thought that I would be someone who would no longer want to lift weights, having done so since I was 13 and been a personal trainer for half of my adult life, but when I hit that wall and changed careers two years ago, I just could NOT get back into my old style of working out. The Moving Joint is like the mirage in the desert for me! I found the place where I fit and that fits me. It’s not cheap, but for me it is completely worth it. I took the two private lessons with Tara, who is fantastic. I explained to her about my background and about the plantar fasciitis that I’ve been suffering with for the past half of a year. She showed me some amazing stretches that have already helped a lot. She also recognized that I would learn how to use the reformer quickly, so guided me through all of the basics in the two sessions, including the jump board usage, which I really loved! Since then, I have taken three classes, one from Tara and two from Alysson. Both are amazing instructors. I am already seeing results in my body. I am also taking some of the yoga classes. I did the Monday night Gentle Yoga, which was a perfect easing back into yoga class and I’ve been to the Friday night Hatha Yoga twice. It was taught by two radically different teachers…one was quite a workout and was very challenging for me, the other was a very restorative, relaxing class. I would HIGHLY reccomend this studio, but don’t come take my spot in classes!! LOL -3/25/2014 Cara Y.

This place is great! I recently attended a few prenatal classes ( Pilates & Yoga) & will continue to do so. The instructors are very knowledgable. It’s been a great experience. I highly recommend this place. – 2/16/2014 Kar T.

I’ve been taking reformer pilates classes here since the Fall.  The instructors are great and I always feel amazing after.  I just started taking the gentle yoga class on Mondays and I’m going to be a regular.  The classes are the right pace and size and the staff is really lovely. -1/15/2014 Michelle P.


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